Coffered Ceilings Originated in ancient temples for a celestial focus!

coffered ceiling

Coffered ceilings: Look up! The sky evokes happiness, wonder, and empowerment—an ancient realization the Greeks and Romans embraced through Tessellation, now known as Coffer Ceilings. Like quilt patterns or honeycombs, they weave a naturally occurring design into art and architecture. Originating in temples for a celestial focus, they transcended into palaces, villas, libraries, and state buildings. Sunken or raised, often square panels evolved into painted, gilded, and tiled masterpieces, adorning rooms with rare jewels. These geometric wonders use 3D forms on a 2D plane to create the illusion of higher dimensions, enhancing beauty.


Details about our Coffered Ceilings

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  • We work until our installation looks perfect.
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Sanjay Modi—Excellent job. What a transformation of my home! Thank you for your guidance. The project came on time and within budget. I recommend Crown Molding, NJ. They did a superb molding job. Greg has a unique knowledge of creative design, 

Coffered Ceilings
Coffered Ceilings
Coffered Ceiling